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Mossend Railhead is owned and operated by PDS, a long-established family business with transportation “in its veins”.

The company was founded in 1870 by Elphinstone Stirling, great grandfather to the current generation of senior management.

Mr Stirling used horse-drawn carriages in his business as a coal merchant and carrier in the Glasgow area. PDS – short for “Peter D Stirling” – bought its first motor lorry in 1921, developing into a haulier with a specialisation in transporting bulk goods.

The company, which was incorporated in 1960, moved into rail transport in 1961 when it leased a terminal from British Rail at Cadder, near Glasgow.

The company was run then by brothers William and Gordon Stirling, grandsons of the company founder.

PDS expanded its activities to include handling bulk materials including pig-iron, salt from Cheshire and china clay from Cornwall.

The company continued to build its transportation business, especially rail. It purchased land at Mossend more than 20 years ago and has since established rail handling, storage and haulage operations there.

The company is run today by William Stirling’s sons Peter, David and Andrew – the fourth generation to manage the business in more than 130 years.

As a logistics solutions provider ourselves– the PDS fleet includes 12 tractor units, more than 50 mixed trailers, tank containers and more – we understand the needs of the industry.

This ensures that Mossend Railhead provides a professional open-access service to logistics users all over the UK and Continental Europe.